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We were invited to a dinner last week, as typical Gringos, we showed up on time at 5:30 pm as requested, the other two gringos that were invited came around 6:00 pm, they said they were being polite by being there by 6:00 because they said they knew we would be on time!! The only Ecuadorian showed up at 6:30. We sat around and talked and laughed, and then we finally ate around 8:00. Dinner was fantastic (our Chef neighbor was the person that had invited us), it was really nice to share dinner with locals and ex-pats. Late at night we all strolled up the street to go to another home and sit around and talk. We got home at 12:30!!! That is a late evening for us. It was really, really nice.

I also took the plunge, and got my hair cut and colored. OMG, what an experience, I know the guys reading this will not understand the difficulty this entailed. I went there with all my little translations written down, and I walked out with a REALLY SHORT, REALLY DARK head of hair. No pictures of this experience will be included. LOL!!!

After my hair ordeal, we decided to stroll down (note the pic attached of the downhill shot, Cuenca is VERY hilly and we are on the high end of the hills) to an interesting market that is geared to the local indigenous people, and took lots of cool pic’s, some are attached. We will send more pics of the local people we photographed, they are amazing and beautiful.

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