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We had the pleasure to meet some great people that came to Cuenca to explore the city to see if it was a place they may want to retire in. They had flown from Quito to Cuenca, which means they didn’t do the three hour Van ride from Guayaquil through the Caja’s.  They didn’t get to see the beauty of the mountains. 
The four of us planned a day of fishing and lunch at Hosteria Dos Chorreras in the Caja’s so they would get a chance to experience the beauty of the scenery.
Our friends met us at our home, and we walked out to the road and we waited  for the “Green Bus “, or as we call it, a “Chicken Bus”.   
It came along pretty much on time, we paid our $1.50 fair for the ride into the mountains and off we went.
We got to Hosteria Dos Chorreras.
This is the little chapel on the road to the Hosteria.

We were disappointed that they didn’t get to see Llamas on the way, there are usually a bunch along the side of the road.
  Oh well, there were lots of horses around.

 We went to a little “pond” near the Hosteria and the guys fished and I got a chance to hang out with Mary, and share experiences. 
Michael, teaching Frank how to cast with a Fly Fishing Rod.
Frank was a natural.
Frank made casts like he had been doing it for years.

What a natural! 
He is now looking forward to trying fly fishing in the states.

Frank had never “Fly Fished” before, and it turns out he is a convert.
We had a great day fishing, both guys caught fish, but we did catch and release.  It started getting cold so we went into the Hosteria and had a nice lunch of trout, the fish was probably caught that morning! 
We walked back to the road to Cuenca after lunch and waited for a bus.
It took longer than usual, but we got one, it was a “fancy” bus, A/C, with a movie playing, comfy seats, but the bus was full and we had to stand for our ride back to Cuenca. 
Oh, by the way, the Bus back was more expensive, I think it was $2.50, gotta pay for luxury. 
It was a really nice day, with really nice people.
Our new friends decided that they think Cuenca might be the place for them. 
We hope so.
Ecuador, gotta love it.


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