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Life in Cuenca has maintained it’s usual course, sometimes really hectic and sometimes really relaxing.

After we got back from Easter Island, we continued working with our friends  Mariela,  Jolene and Ron.  We had been helping to coordinate  a “Bingo Event ” to benefit a local Orphanage.  We made both of the local papers!!!!   One of our neighbors told Michael that he opened the paper one morning while he was at work, and saw Michael’s picture, and that again the following day he saw him in another local paper.

Our neighbor has decided that Michael is now a celebrity in Cuenca, too funny.


From left to right, two major fund-raisers for the Orphanage;  Yolanza Carrion, Jolene Parkinson , ( Ron Parkinson is not in the photo, but has been a major fundraiser also) and Michael in  the El Mercurio Newspaper, Cuenca.


Pic’s from El Tiempo Newspaper published in Cuenca.  Left to right is our great friend Mariela, Michael  and  Sonia Talbot.


Left to right; a great new supporter of the Orphanage, Tom Peddecord,  a constant supporter, Mario Miranda and me, featured in the local Newspaper, El Mercurio, Cuenca.

It was a total success!  The most important thing is, we raised money to buy food for needy children.

Why do Michael and I look like deers in a headlight??  LOL!!!

On May 12th, I left Cuenca to see my family in Florida . The trip going was an adventure / nightmare.

 Cuenca  – Quito -Guayaquil – Miami.   I knew I was in for a long day.

I checked my bag at the airport in Cuenca, and while I was doing that, Michael noticed that the ticket agent was sending my luggage to ENGLAND!!  He got that corrected.  The luggage ended up being a problem, again, in the new Quito airport.  Long story.

If you can avoid the new Quito airport,  do.

 I then left Quito on a flight to Guayaquil , for some reason it was less expensive to “start”  my trip to Miami  in Quito, details, etc. yadda yadda.

Upon my arrival in Guayaquil  I knew I had another problem.  After waiting in the Priority Access line ( a line that I knew I did not belong in, but I played dumb)  I found out that my flight to Miami was canceled!!!

  American Airlines gave some of the passengers vouchers for a night at the Hilton, again, another long story.  I had  to muscle my way into lines;  at the airport trying to get a boarding pass for the next day, a van to the hotel, check in lines with other bumped passengers trying to get a room for the night.   I wasn’t taking nonsense  from anyone by that time, it was 11:00 p.m. and I was tired.

 It was a total pain in the butt and  I was just thinking about how I had lost a day with my family.

I eventually arrived in Miami,  I couldn’t get a WiFi connection, so trying to call my Mom or Sister was impossible, pay phones were few and far between, so I trudged around the airport, with my luggage, and found a bank of pay phones.  I used the only 4 quarters I had left, ( We  use US currency in Ecuador so I had some coins with me) and the damn thing took my money and it didn’t work!!!!

I was having a really bad 24 hours.

OK, so another  problem, how do I solve this one?  I found a snack vendor and decided I would buy a bottle of water to get more  change for the pay phone, she understood what I was doing and  told me that I could use her personal cell phone, she said that I didn’t need to buy anything!!!  I was trying to call family, and that was important to her.

She handed her phone over to me, a complete stranger,  and let me make two  calls. With her help I was able to get call my Mom and Sister.

I tried  to thank the vendor, and she just kept  saying “God Bless you child”.

Wow, there is true kindness and trust in the world, I was really tired and this complete stranger helped me.

My Mom and Sister had driven about two hours to pick me up  in Miami, and with the help of the selfless vendor at the airport

we were able to connect with each other.

I did my best not to cry when I saw my Mom and Sister, just seeing their faces was  truly wonderful.

I had a great trip, I got to spend time with my Mom, my Sister Kathleen, my Brother-in-law Stu, my brother Michael, and my nieces Brianna and  Brigid.  I missed seeing my brother John, and my nephew Sean, maybe next time!!

It was a truly wonderful time.





I also did my best not to cry when I left.  That was hard.

Seeing my family was truly precious.

Gotta Love Ecuador, but you have to love seeing family much, much more.


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