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 We haven’t updated the blog lately, as we have said before, it isn’t because there is nothing to share, actually the contrary, time flies by for us, there is always something going on.

Michael celebrated a birthday last month and  I asked what he would like for a Birthday present.  At our age we don’t really need anything, so Michael said the gift he wanted was to go to the Caja’s, and Fly-Fish for the day, so we did.  We had seen a sign for a lake  on our previous journeys through the Caja’s.  It was one that we had not been to before, and Michael wanted to try it out.

We thought about taking the $2.00 bus into the Mountains, but we decided to splurge and pay for a Taxi. OMG, I am so glad we did, we thought the lake was close to the road, WRONG!  It would have probably taken us over an hour or more to walk to the lake.

Park Sign

When we got there, it was spectacular. We walked around the incredibly beautiful, peaceful lake.  There were wild Llamas, Horses, a waterfall and a river with clear water that flowed  into the lake.


Michael on pier

Good LLlama

I was taking pictures of this Llama, he stopped and checked me out, I guess he decided that I was harmless and just went back to chowing on grass.

Michael with horse

Michael with Llamas

Michael fishing along side Llamas, how cool is that????

Clear, clean water, but not a single trout.  It  didn’t matter, it rained most of the day, and we didn’t get a fish, but the day was  wonderful.  Michael wanted to go fishing for his birthday, and the day at this place was a gift for both of us.

Two weeks later we went to  the largest Inca Ruins in Ecuador, most people that have seen ruins in Mexico and Peru tell us that these are pretty  unimpressive, but what the heck, it was the celebration for the Solstice, so we went with friends.



All of us had  taken the tour of Ingapirca previously, but it is still pretty cool to actually walk on a part of the path of the Inca trail that leads all the way to Machu Picchu.

After the tour we sat and watched the festivities.  There were bands and dancers from surrounding countries, Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, etc.

DSC_0938The official poster for the Solstice festival.

Michael Rone Jolene

Michael, and our friends Ron and Jolene at Ingapirca.


Beautiful Backs     Costumes of some the dancers at the Solstice festival.

Dancers waiting

Dancers waiting.

Dancers with wierd guy

It was really cool to see the different interpretations of the Solstice.

Little Dancers

Young children in their Canari Garb dancing.

Horrible Band

This band gave us a headache, it was like a bunch of second grade school kids had picked up instruments , with NO training and just blasted away.  The four of us just looked at each other wondering  what was going on, it went one for about 10 minutes.

Smiling woman

Ice Crwam Cone

Beautiful Backs

IMG_8892 (2)


IMG_8872 Two small children at the festival.

Ladies in Hats

                                                        We love  all the different hats!!


                        Ecuador is filled with history.

Michael celebrated a birthday, and we visited a second Solstice Celebration in South America.

Gotta love Ecuador.


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